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Wedding Ceremony Inclusions: Rituals

Candle Lighting Ceremony

A candle ceremony signifies the joining of lives and/or families. You can do this by each lighting a candle representing your individuality which you will then join together to light your marriage/unity candle. The marriage/unity candle can then become your Wedding Anniversary candle, to be lit every year for the rest of your lives, so choose a big candle!

If you wish to involve other family members such as your parents, you can have them first light family candles which can be used to then light your individual candles.

I will introduce the candle lighting using one of the introductions below and can then follow with a blessing. This is also a great time to have someone special read the blessing instead.

Honouring the Memory of Loved Ones Passed On

A positive way to honour the memory of a loved one passed on, is to include them in some way in your ceremony.

Some ways in which couples choose to honour loved ones include:

  • Light a candle and observe one minute of silence

  • Light a candle and give a reading dedicated to the person/s

  • Pin to your clothing something which belonged to the person

  • A reading is performed of a favourite poem

  • Playing a piece of their favourite music

Of course, there are many ways which you can pay tribute to your loved ones, and we can work together to personalise something that feels special to you.

Water Blending Ceremony

A water blending signifies the joining of two people, uniting as one.

You can use food colouring to show a blended colour. e.g. pink and blue to make purple.

You can also do this using wine or other alcohol.

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony signifies the joining of lives and/or families showing each coloured sand as individuals being joined into one.

You can use a different coloured sand for each family member (which can be a great way to include children in the ceremony) but ensure you don’t fill each individuals jar with too much sand, you need to make sure everyone can have their sand poured into the jar.

Hand Fasting Ceremony

Hand-fasting is a symbolic unity ritual in which a couple stand face to face as their hands are tied together, hence, tying the knot! Traditionally a hand-made length of cloth inscribed with the Latin words: ‘Devotio Nostrum In Aeternum’ meaning ‘Our devotion for an eternity’.

As your hands are bound, you can recite words that express your commitment to each another.

Wine Boxing Ceremony

A wine boxing ceremony allows you to seal a bottle of wine in a box to open at a later date, usually a special occasion. You can also include a love letter for one another to read when you open the box. You can seal the box whoever you like, either nail it suit or you could do a wax seal.

Rose/Flower Ceremony

There are three main different options with a rose or flower ceremony.

The first is where a rose is given to each other after your vows and ring exchange as a sign of your love for one another. You can also attach a rolled up copy of your vows to the rose using ribbon.

The second is a Mothers Rose Presentation, where you present your mothers a rose each as symbol of your love for them. You can also tie a letter to this rose also, explaining your love and gratitude you have for them.

The third is where you will give family members each a single rose before the ceremony commences. I will invite those forward with a rose to place them together in a vase and explain the roses are a symbol of the love that those who places them wish to share with the couple.

As with all rituals, you can personalise this to suit your needs.

Ring Warming

A ring warming is a beautiful way for your guests to pass on a wish or prayer for your marriage. Each person is asked to take a moment to hold the rings and warm them with their love and make a silent wish for you.

You can do this by having the rings tied near the wedding entry, by holding a string down each aisle of guests for it to run along or simply by passing the rings around. You may want to have music played while the ring warming takes place.

Unity Puzzle Ceremony

A unity puzzle ceremony symbolises the different pieces coming together as one. This is a great way to have children involved in the ceremony.

Lolly Jar

A lolly jar symbolises different members of the family coming together while also bringing their own flavour to the mix. Each person can choose a different lolly to mix in. This is another great one to get children involved.

Tree Planting Ceremony

The tree planting ceremony represents a relationship taking root, growing, and flourishing as you officially become a family.

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